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  • How to choose a Wedding Garter

    How do I choose the right garter?
    Generally, there is no right or wrong way to choose your wedding garter - if there's one that you absolutely LOVE then that's the one for you. There is, however, a few tips to choosing one that's right for the big day! 
  • DIY Senna Garter

    You might have seen I've just developed some of our bestselling garter designs into DIY kits for you to do at home and I am LOVING your response to them! Each kit has a list of instructions included but I thought I could do a more detailed blog post in case any of you lovely brides get stuck making your garter!
  • Ruth & James' Love Story

    "...the first time I came to visit after I moved to England, she spent an evening discussing how I was ‘definitely James’ type’ while I protested that I imagined he definitely wasn’t mine and begged her not to do anything to make the weekend weird. When James first walked in I remember immediately thinking ‘ah crap...’ because I thought he was really fit. We got on straight away and stayed up most of the night chatting and, four months and a few dates later, officially became a couple. Not sure either of us will ever forgive Sarah..."
  • Izzy's Love Story

    "That morning on my tube journey I had managed to miss a step, fall, and tear a huge hole in the backside of my dress - not exactly a great look! She persuaded me that I could just sit down all night, and she would do the drink runs, which seemed like a good deal to me!
    I suddenly remember hearing a loud and distinctive Kiwi accent near me, and as I looked around to find who it was I was pretty much transfixed the moment I saw Brett..."
  • Serena's Love Story

    A couple of days into the trip, we went for a clifftop walk up to Baggy Point and out of nowhere he popped the question!
    We then went back down to the beach where he had organised a picnic and had made handwritten cards, each with a memory from the past 6 and a half years we'd been together.
    AND THEN, this is when I found out we wouldn't be spending any longer in Croyde - he'd booked us a flight the next day to Mauritius to celebrate!!