Jade & Joe's Lockdown Love Story

A relationship 8 years in the making, Jade & Joe's Love Story is one I just LOVE to hear. The 'rona may have taken her dream wedding date but Love always wins, have a read of their Love Story... 

"... So, where do I start? My now current fiance, Joe (I still love saying that!) and I, met at college in 2012 when I had just turned 18 - I studied Beauty Therapy and he studied Business Studies. 

Being 18, I was hormonal, felt gross & my skin was breaking out and still my friend insisted on asking Joe to come and chat to me every chance she could get. On this particular day at College she bought Joe over to sit next to me which was the last thing I wanted as I felt so blotchy! But... a little small talk later and he insisted for me to add him on BBM (Yes the Blackberry days!! Which Joe actually still has!)

At first I declined, kept him on his toes for a while then eventually decided 'what's there to lose!' 🤣

We soon discovered that we were both single and soon enough we were meeting up outside college where we realised we had everything in common; our goals & ambitions, the food we liked and our love for holidays especially. It was an instant attraction and we already knew we were in love - we were inseparable and he was (and still is) the only person who can make me laugh even in the middle of an argument! 

Weeks lead to months lead to years where we went on amazing holidays all over. Our first in Ibiza was a shit show but we ended up everyday at the beach drinking, followed by Paris for my 19th Birthday before he went off to Uni! (I thought he was going to propose then!)


The next few years were difficult - Joe was at Uni whilst I was in training & working and so juggling our education with our relationship was tough. We had our moments but we were determined to stay strong through it.

With Joe at Uni I had felt like I was missing out on a lot of my 'young years' as I was working all of the time! And so, in 2016 I booked a trip to travel Australia & Fiji for 3 months and had the most wonderful time learning more about myself! 

Whilst an awesome experience for me, it was in this that it really hit home how hard it was to be away from Joe for this long & ultimately established the trusting foundation of our relationship.

My next holiday was my favourite...

Last June, my family and I flew out to New York, like we did every year, to visit friends & family and to explore. Joe normally comes with us but couldn't make it this year - he had just launched his own business and had to stay home to go to events - and so this year, it was my mom, dad and I going to visit my uncle, which was even more special as my mum had just been cleared of Colon Cancer (Yay!!)

A week into the holiday, I was ranting at my mum for something Joe had done the night before. He'd gone out drinking with friends and 11 hours later he still hadn't bothered to text me to let me know he was home, or safe! I couldn't decide if I was pissed off for him not messaging me or worried that he might have been hurt! 

I get back to the apartment fling my one-too-many shopping bags down and there's Joe. 

I'm about to run up and hug him and ask him what he's doing here when he just gets down on one knee and says; 

"Jade Daniella Schabort you are the most perfect..."

And that's it, I don't remember anything else but shaking and ugly crying and telling him to shutup! 

What I didn't know was that no one else knew he was coming either! He'd managed to surprise the whole family and even turn up earlier that day to show my Dad the ring and to ask for his blessing! 








Obviously I said Yes (I would have said yes 6 Years ago!) because 

1) I had been waiting 7 long years for my soul mate to ask me and 

2) How could I say no to the ring!!! It's beautiful!! Plus, if he hadn't asked this year I would have asked the next year as it was a leap year!

We spent the rest of the trip in awe, celebrating with friends & family - it truly was a fairy tale. 

For the next few months we celebrated with friends back in the UK & had the most amazing engagement party where we decided on our date - 26th November 2020.

Before the end of 2019 we had everything booked; the venue, the dress, the bridesmaids & their dresses, the ushers, the photographers, everything - you name it, we'd booked it. 

Aaaaaaaaand then, Covid struck. 

As for most people this was a huge impact on our professional lives - my company had to stop completely and Joe had to take his virtual,  but during this time our already solid foundation just grew deeper. Lockdown made us even more happy, we enjoyed just being in each others' company, not being bored, not getting annoying and even just being around each other saying nothing - which is a very special thing in a relationship I think!

We toyed with the idea of moving the wedding but our venue wasn't convinced that even a May 2021 wedding would go ahead! So we slimmed it down, ready to have our closest 15 for a micro-wedding on our original November date and our 'big' wedding next November (mainly because I get to wear the dress twice!)

And now, Lockdown 2.0 hits and we don't even have 1 wedding going ahead. But we're keeping our spirits high and everything crossed for a December date to open up. As soon as we can we're going to take it even if it's just us and a random witness!"

I'm not crying, you are!!!

That proposal is the sweetest thing and I have everything crossed for a last minute Christmas wedding for the Hardy's! 

I can't wait for you to have the Big Day you deserve!